Project Description

Social spaces like restaurants and bar highly influence the character of the surroundings / city. They put forward place where guests can network, refresh, chit chat and spend quality time with friends, family. As and when designing such spaces, its essential to create high level drama within, to attract more and more guests.

Madurai a city in Tamil Nadu, has a rich cultural heritage passed from great Tamil era. It is one of the South’s great Temple towns, home to Meenaksi Amman Temple. While designing fine dining restaurant and bar in the city it is important to craft a space with contemporary design elements, that gives a new outlook to the city. There are very few fine dining restaurants and bar, it is vital to make it elusive in the city. Keeping in mind that foreign tourists / delegates often visit the city and catering to them the restaurant and bar should be outstanding in creating moods.

Project Details
  • CLIENT: Aakaash Family Club
  • STATUS: Ongoing
  • AREA: 1100 pax
  • FIELD:  F&B